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Aren’t you tired of conversing with men who leave you examining the mirror for your flaws?

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Ijeoma Umebinyuo 

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Kelston Boys’ High School perform a massive haka in honour of the new Maori carving on campus


Hahaha this Haka has my hype!!! I feel like some rugby NOW!!!!!!

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Finally made it to the Nairobi Gallery. If you’ve never been there, it’s amazing and well worth your time. In the background is an elaborately beaded mask from the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon. The ears represent those of an elephant . It is worn by warriors who have rendered great service to the chief and also powerful members of the tribe. #Culture #AfricanCulture #TembeaKenya #NairobiGallery


Mombasa, Kenya 

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I recently took part in the 15th annual Safaricom Marathon and Half Marathon which took place on Lewa on Saturday, 28th June 2014. The Marathon takes place at the Lewa Conservancy in Northern Kenya, what began as a simple idea back in 2000 has now grown into a world-renowned event. This unique marathon is exceptional in many ways — it combines an unusual fundraising initiative with one of Kenya’s greatest sporting passions – running!

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Monument at Uhuru Gardens commemorating Kenya’s struggle for independence.

🎵 Last night a DJ saved my life🎵


Portrait of Ali Hassan, ‘servant to Karen Blixen’, by Peter Beard

Nairobi, Kenya.


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