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Kerio View in Iten

Wheat harvesting in Moiben #UnexpectedKenya

I cannot get enough of this view #UnexpectedKenya #KerioView #Iten


Day 2 didn’t start off too well, we all overslept including Seronei, our driver. It was one of those mornings where I heard my alarm but I was so deeply asleep I thought the alarm was part of my dream.

The drive from Kitale to West Pokot was exhausting to say the least. It was a 1.5 hour drive to Makutano to pick up our location scout, Simon (aka Pokot’s finest, I kid you not) after which we proceeded to Kacheliba.

We then had to endure an even longer drive to Kacheliba on a dirt road that has a section called ‘Slow’. That alone should tell you how bad the road was. It is a dirt road frequently used by huge trucks ferrying sand and is best tackled in 4WD drive vehicle.


My Nairobi.

The after. Today isn’t going too great. My phone died (it is charged but won’t come on) then the car battery died while we were in the park and we had to wait to be helped out by KWS rangers. We’re totally off our schedule. #UnexpectedKenya





I’ve been waiting for someone to make this a gif

damn near 30 years ago and still relevant

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holy shit

:O :O :O :O WOW

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Glam in the bush. Off to Mt Elgon National Park again before we leave Kitale.Not practical footwear but they’re the only wearable shoes I have that have proper grip. #UnexpectedKenya #Footsagram


Day one

I have been chosen as part of the team involved in capturing images for Safaricom’s  2015 calendar whose theme is unexpected Kenya. Safaricom (the leading mobile network operator in Kenya) carefully selected 5 teams consisting of a photographer, a blogger and a producer.With the aid of locals the 5 teams will traverse Kenya aiming to capture the best of images for the calendar. I am travelling with two lovely ladies Jeri, a photographer and Chela, a producer. We are the only all-female team (Yaaaey girl power!). I am super excited to be involved in this project and I am hoping that I will be able to take you, the reader through every part of it. You can follow my journey here and those of the other bloggers Wanjeri, Biko, Wamathai and Magunga.